Groove Me & Soothe Me Chai and Turmeric Tea

Groove Me & Soothe Me Chai and Turmeric Tea


This is my signature special blend of spicy chai which is the Groove Me and golden turmeric which is the Soothe Me. Traveling and playing on the road can really tire a girl out so this is my go to when I need an energy boost or my muscles are sore.

Chai tea is a mix of sweet and savory whole spices such as clove, cinnamon, cardamom, star anise, peppercorn, ginger and fennel. These spices have been revered for centuries due to their health benefits. And turmeric is an anti inflammatory root beloved for it’s medicinal properties, but it tastes mighty fine in tea. The organic turmeric is grown and processed on our farm.

All the ingredients are fair trade and organically grown.

The tea is caffeine free with instructions plus a recipe on the back of the label.

3 tea bags per package. Up to 9 servings per package. (Each tea bag can be used several times.)

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