Godlen Isles Magazine

Micahlan Boney draws the bow across the fiddle, her eyes following the strings as she draws in a breath. “I wish I wish, my baby was born. And sittin’ on his papa’s knee. And me, poor girl, weren’t dead and gone. And the green grass grown’ over my feet,” she coos with a twang as the guitar accompaniment joins in and the 17-year-old virtuoso starts to sway to the Americana-style arrangement. .


All on georgia

As the excitement of the Shrimp and Grits Festival unfolds upon the Golden Isles this weekend, All on Georgia Glynn had the opportunity to spotlight one of the artists that will be performing on stage in an interview with the young and talented, Micahlan Boney.


southland magazine

 It has been a subject of speculation for decades... how the swamps and hollers of the South grow musicians, songwriters and haunting voices; just as the red clay and black soil grow kudzu. Once in a lifetime the kudzu gives way to one truly glorious flower. It emerges from the tangled vine, dense pine thickets and cypress... at once natural and ethereal. Such is the artistry of 15 year old Michalan Boney.